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Premiere: Cat Bear Tree – Adult/In Actual Fact

Screen shot 2015-09-09 at 08.50.37Wrap your ears around this glorious double-header from Cat Bear Tree as the London-based indie-punk bandits offer up a pair of infinitely irresistible tracks for you to indulge in. So which should you listen first? Well, that’s totally up to you…

In Actual Fact‘ spawns into life with some skilful guitar mastery before bursting into a slice of some of the most on-point indie you’re likely to hear this year. While certain riffs sound like they’ve been plucked from Two Door Cinema Club’s finest, the driving rhythm section will have you right up on the edge of your seat begging for one more melodic boost. The rhythm, and of course message, that guides the voice through is absolutely blinding and the way the voice interacts with the guitar makes for a stunningly brilliant combination.

Adult‘ is a mellower offering and feels like it fits that criteria that many of us are looking for in a song to wash away all the blues of the day just gone, allowing us to bask in aural pleasures rather than dwelling on what has just passed us. As the vocal wailings feel loosely reminiscent of Morrissey’s female counterpart, the swirling guitars and clever use of highs and lows ensure that this tune gets every last drop of emotion in your body bubbling up to the surface. It’s one hell of a beautifully emotive track.

So here are both tracks for you, just as wonderful as each other. Take your pick.

Ciaran Steward

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