Graces – Slow

Screen shot 2015-09-14 at 08.20.48Patience is a virtue, that’s what we’re always told. So then why are we so keen to entertain our minds as rapidly as possible and why do we expect some kind of instant gratification? If you’re someone that wants that next big dopamine hit as quickly as possible then maybe this new track from Graces isn’t for you. But if you’re able to let the pace of life slow down for just a couple of minutes you could find yourself filling your ears with sounds that are sure to inspire you.

What’s the need for the rat race when you’re able to get your daily fill of aural goodness at a pace such as this? This would only be a speedy song if you were travelling astride a tortoise. With everyone so determined to push everything to the limit it feels truly refreshing that Steve Harrison, the bloke behind it all, is able to build something truly atmospheric and mesmerising that’ll build you up just enough to be sat in the perfect place when that big hit comes.

And when it comes, boy, you’d better be ready. It’s one hell of a bang.

Ciaran Steward

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