Black Honey – Corrine

Screen shot 2015-09-20 at 11.11.17Black Honey should be on top of the world. The way that they’re able to mix sounds from the swinging ’60s with ’90s grunge and the like is an unparalleled ability and with the voice of Izzy Phillips cutting through your ears as if they were made of warm butter means that every song they release feels like the perfect concoction.

So what’s their new one sounding like? Well, aside from the broad strokes above, it’s filled with raging choruses that’ll sent you to aural ecstasy and the lyrics are sure to hit home to the hearts of many listeners who’ve taken a mis-step or two at some point. The sheer velocity of the band is mesmerising and the way that they’re able to smash and grab with under three minutes of music shows that there’s no need for hanging around when what you’re making is some of the purest musical gold available. Everything is just so effortlessly cool and Phillips is quite possibly the greatest frontwoman of her generation – she deserves to be performing on the biggest stages and the rest of the band undoubtedly deserve their places alongside her.

I can’t recommend this enough – get on the Black Honey train now so you don’t end up being left behind.

Ciaran Steward

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