The Vryll Society – Air

Screen shot 2015-09-23 at 08.35.16Take a walk into the unknown, lay down any qualms you may have and embark upon a journey along the path less travelled. Let the sounds of The Vryll Society grace your ears as you head off in the direction of exploration and don’t give a second thought to turning back.

If The War On Drugs had grown up in a hazy room on Merseyside they’d probably sound a little something like this – that psychedelic edge shoved swiftly into a blender with the laid back attitude that makes the North West such a lovely place. At the heart of these sounds are a voice that acts as if it were a shaman guiding you from one life into the next, letting the swells of guitars flow around you as to engulf you in this new way of living. There’s no rush to get to the finish line with this beauty as the real joy comes from basking in the new sonic world that surrounds you.

Don’t stress yourself with the problems of the real world, switch of your television set and tune in to this instead.

Ciaran Steward

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