Chaika – The Mirror

Screen shot 2015-09-23 at 08.47.19Oh sweet lord, what fresh aural goodness is this? Turns out it’s the latest sounds from Leeds-based Chaika and their lo-fi, garage-psych sound is exactly what you need in your ears because it’ll wake you right up and set your world on fire so quickly that you’ve no option but to bask in the flames and hope that you develop fire-resistant skin rather quickly.

The scuzzy bass that runs through the tracks is an absolutely killer sound and as it back up the distant, beckoning guitars and angst-filled, leader of the gang style vocals that carnal instinct in your brain takes over as if to say ‘this is what makes life worth living’. Every time the drums step up the volume your brain can be set to explode as there’s more intensity flowing through these sounds than a dam that’s holding on for dear life. But this isn’t all just about raw power, there’s actually a fair bit of melody to wrap your head around and you’re left with a finished product that sounds like what Kasabian could have been if only they’d kept their minds on the music.

Don’t be a fool, whack this in your ears and surrender to your new sonic overlords.

Ciaran Steward

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