Girl Friend – Good Morning

Screen shot 2015-09-23 at 08.41.43Girl Friend are probably my favourite pop band at the moment – they’ve got just enough about them to keep it from being just a guilty pleasure as there’s much more substance to them than your average pop bandits. With a very strong vocal leading the line, their synth-driven brand of barely-indie pop is full of those feel-good vibes you so often hear radio DJs rambling on about.

There are plenty of worse ways to break the day than to be exposed to these upbeat sounds – even if like me you’re a bit slow out of bed – and the relatively simple nature of the sounds will take your mind right back to when you were a child and all was good with the world. The sound that you’re presented with by Manchester soon-to-be-crowned kings (and queen!) of pop is one without a hint of second guessing and it can be enjoyed by anyone with a penchant for something a little light and melodic.

Yes, it’s pop but it’s so incredibly well constructed that you shouldn’t hold that against it. Be brave, indulge in something you said you’d long left behind.

Ciaran Steward

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