Cavalry – Soak

Screen shot 2015-09-24 at 08.33.26Liverpool’s influence upon the world of music has never truly ended and hopefully it never will. Generation upon generation of talented musicians come out of Merseyside with enough talent and desire to rule the world. To me, it remains to be the greatest city in the world – forsaking my own Essex roots – and one of the brightest batch of young sparks coming out of the North West hub are the exquisite Cavalry.

The five-piece outfit’s latest song sees them take on a moody character, enhanced by their abilities to balance light and dark as if it were little more challenge than making a brew. As the track progresses your emotions are brought bubbling to the surface and by the time the climax hits you’re be left a shivering wreck, ready to be utterly destroyed by the sheer force of each last snare hit. This is indie music with real determination behind it and it feels so much more genuine that the swathes of over-distorted guitars and characterless vocals that seem to dominate our airwaves.

This lot are the real deal and both eyes should be kept on them at all costs.

Ciaran Steward

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