Video Premiere: The Bulletproof Bomb – Siege

Screen shot 2015-09-24 at 15.57.53There are few, if any, bands in the country that get me quite so excited about the future of British indie music as The Bulletproof Bomb do. Every time they release a new sound it sends me into giddy fits of glee as if I were an extra in a rom-com scene filled with a great big romantic gesture.

Their latest offering ‘Siege‘ is yet another belter as their brand of rough and ready guitar heavy sound continues to blast away through the speakers with the intention of causing endless havoc – exactly the sort of thing that we should be encouraging young musicians to do. This one even has a brand new shiny video to go with it and somehow I’ve managed to wangle my way into sharing it with you first, which is nice.

Tune yourselves right in to catch these five lads in action with a whole host of peculiar visuals that feel so unashamedly in tune with their general penchant for mucking about a bit. This is some top drawer stuff. Get a download for yourself here.

Ciaran Steward

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