Sundara Karma – Run Away

12068831_1030093823691528_4365475578803630659_oThe glistening star of Sundara Karma seems to be ever-rising, floating away on a breeze as though it will never return to the humble ground. Fortunately enough, they also come in human form and the four-piece outfit from Reading are still very much on our hallowed turf rolling out incredibly infectious songs one after another.

Their latest offering sees them talk about fleeing yet there’s a sense that they want to do no such thing, in fact they’d clearly feel more at home if they could stay right here and create an array of sparkling aural delights forever. Alright, that might be a bit more of what I’m actually hoping for but they’re ruddy brilliant at what they do and so here’s hoping it never stops. From the very way that they construct their songs there’s a very evident level of maturity running through the foursome – everything from the chorus harmonies to the rampaging guitars shows an awareness of their sonic surroundings that so few bands seem to understand the importance of.

With sounds so astoundingly perfect as these there’s certainly no need to run away – they just need to keep getting up on that stage and smashing it out of the park, then they’ll be legends in no time at all.

Ciaran Steward

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