Maudlin Strangers – Sunny Day Rain

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 17.50.34Though the sunny days might be behind us there’s surely no harm in reminiscing about the days in which there were… Well… Days. What you need when you’re in this kind of mindset is a good bit of upbeat music to make those memories seem even happier and fonder – luckily Maudlin Strangers are on hand to give you that kick up backside, in a far more positive way than you might expect.

With twinges of disco combining with a FILTHY bass sound and flitteringly light vocals, this latest offering from the indie-pop merchants is sure to get those toes of yours wiggling as though they’re magical. If you’ve got red shoes on, the symbolism should be pretty clear in a roundabout way. The air of positivity that exudes from these sounds, despite the ever-impending bassy darkness, means that you’re left listening to an incredibly uplifting piece of music that’s filled with several short, sharp bursts that are packed with more energy than a multipack of Boost bars.

This may not quite be your standard sunny day song but it’ll still do a damn fine job of getting you up out of your chair and right out the door in the hope that the rays of the sun aren’t quite done for the year yet.

Ciaran Steward

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