Otzeki – Cancel All

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 17.59.24This absolute gem from Otzeki is full of so much glitchy goodness that you might think about restarting your computer a few times, just to make sure that there’s not a fault in the system. I can very gladly assure you that there’s no problem here whatsoever as this jangly, spirited offering has not a single thing wrong with it whatsoever.

As your mind is jolted from side to side by sudden stabs, a guiding voice quells any concerns and acts as an incredibly generous host, sharing all kinds of glorious vocal talent with your ears as if it were the January sales already. The London-based pair, who funnily enough are cousins, have clearly got impressive levels of technical ability at their disposal and their use of samples and a range of textures makes up a track that has plenty more to it than just a catchy riff or two or one of those ridiculous gimmicks. This track simply works because the sum of all its parts result in a tropical sound that’ll send all kinds of pleasure waves through your mind.

With the lightest touch, Otzeki are able to shine so brightly that you might struggle to see when you inevitably want to press that play switch for a second or third time.

Ciaran Steward

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