Bengal Lancers – Moon/Sun

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 19.05.09This double-header which sees the welcome return of London trio Bengal Lancers feels like it has been well worth the wait as the band take you through all manner of emotions, highlighting both the light and dark within their music through a cunning use of space and with vocals that could cut through butter that’s been left in the freezer for at least a week and a half.

We start with the darker, night-based portion of the sounds as ‘Moon‘ conjures up all kind of imagery that would only feel truly fitting if we were sat under the stars, gazing away into the endless legions of darkness. With a build so slow that the tension is able to build in a similar way to some of Holst’s finest mastery, this lunar ode is sure to find that source of discomfort deep inside of you and bring your emotions bubbling to the surface. Gaze out upon the looming skies above and dare to dream of what might be out there in the distance.

Over on the flip side, the samba feeling provided by the opening maracas draws upon very different emotions indeed as the band prove they’re got plenty of tricks up their sleeves. This half is much more your conventional indie pop offering with a bass so warm that it could do with a good greasing and a vocal filled with enough energy to replace Pat Sharp as the host of Fun House. Sorry Pat but it’s mullet or nothing. There are still undertones of something a little more serious that the other sounds may let on yet that only helps to highlight the way in which these two sonically contrasting offerings are eternally linked.

Whatever time or day it might be when you listen to these, just remember that it won’t be too long before something else is on the way so you can cherish good moments while they last and not get bogged down in the darker moments as there’s sure to be something exciting upon the horizon.

Ciaran Steward

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