Victories At Sea – Bloom

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 18.56.01As the autumn leaves begin to fall all around us, it’s almost as though you can hear electronic droplets falling too as you listen to the opening of this peach of a tune by Birmingham-based post-punkers Victories At Sea. Those synthy drops of goodness combine with a standard rock style format, with added tambourine, to create a rather melancholy track that’s brimming with intriguing character.

While those synths continue to maraud around between your ears, the direct vocal approach seems suitably ’80s-styled as the Brummie boys show off their sharpened tongues with an array of lyrics that are sure to hit far closer to home than you may have been expecting. There’s a strong sense of solidity throughout the song as the band stick to their guns, they seem to be truly following their hearts with each and every sound and their commitment to their aural cause is plain for all to see. The intensity grows throughout until you find yourself left a shivering wreck, broken down by your aural experience yet with hardened skin for all the world to see.

Songs like this really drive the point home that music doesn’t always have to be upbeat and relatively meaningless, it can do a damn fine job of hitting home and striking you in your very core.

Ciaran Steward

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