Bang Bang Romeo – Chemical (Live)

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 15.20.39.pngBang Bang Romeo are a band with talent flowing right through everything from the pedal of the kick drum to the tuning heads of the bass and every other part of a band you wouldn’t usually expect to hear too much from. As good as they are at constructing an undeniably beautiful soundscape, they’re taken to another level thanks to the utterly irresistible voice of Anastasia Walker as it fills your mind with as much soul as a non-Motown artist ever could.

Chemical‘ helps Walker show off both the lighter regions of her voice along with the illuminating power that her lungs are able to create when she’s in full flow. On this occasions she’s backed by an almost eerie-sounding indie soundscape that feels as sparse as a desert on the most-part yet there are plenty of glistening oasises (shut up, it’s a word now) to keep you from ever feeling anything other than completely safe. The way the band are able to keep restrained when there’s such an urge to blast away into a chasm of noise is impressive and each member of the band shows a level of controlled professionalism that’s sure to do them well.

You should already have at least one ear on BBR by now, they’ve done so many glorious things already, and hopefully 2016 is going to be the year they become a household name. They definitely deserve to be on everyone’s lips, this is sure to blow you away quicker than an industrial-sized fan.

Ciaran Steward

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