Imperial State Electric – Anywhere Loud

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 15.41.31.pngAnyone that thinks Scandinavia isn’t one of the best hubs of musical talent in the world is a fool – there’s definitely something in the water up towards Sweden way as so many different sounds seem to flow out across from the North European region and tickle my ears more thoroughly than even the highest priced feather duster ever could.

Imperial State Electric are the latest such export to cross my path and in under three minutes of aural goodness you’ll understand why – impressive guitar interplay comes to the fore in a song that follows and disobeys conventions in one fell swoop. The gritty video gives you a little something to keep those peepers hooked while the powerful guitars riffs contain a certain lightness that makes them surprisingly approachable. Having a catchy chorus is always a big plus and this is one so infectious that it might be worth getting a hazmat suit, just in case. You can’t take anything away from this bunch of peculiarly dressed, long-haired rockers as they feel so in tune with the music that they may well be made of sonic waves themselves.

Oh Scandinavia, I salute your beautiful sounds – please can I have some more?

Ciaran Steward

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