Trudy – Baby I’m Blue

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 17.57.06There’s no better sound when you’re feeling a wee bit down in the dumps than a healthy slice of the blues and this particularly enticing offering is one that will be sure to have your ears so high on alert they’ll set off the security scanners.

The excellent Trudy have captured that glorious bluesy essence as they return with a brand new beauty that’s bluesier than an old blind man strumming away on a vintage guitar. This offering sways from side to side as impressive guitar riffs run loose – the bass is also given a lovely bit of room to manoeuvre  which results in something far superior to your conventional procedures. But as with any blues sound the role of the vocalist is key and the connection between Oliver Taylor and the words the shiver their way through his lips is one so pure it feels as though the thoughts have been reverberating around inside his head for years.

Previous effort ‘Behave‘ was always going to be hard to rival but Trudy has once more blown more than just the bloody doors off – their debut London show on 12th January at the cracking Old Blue Last is sure to be a winner. I’ll be the bloke at the bar crying into a pint of whatever’s cheapest.

Ciaran Steward

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