Blank Bibles – Abigail West

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 19.55.51As the old time machine gets booted up again and Blank Bibles get behind the controls it feels like the right time to head back to a time where gentle, folk-infused sounds ruled the world. Oh for another summer of love, rather than this current wintery spell of needing gloves in the mid-afternoon. It simply just isn’t cricket.

But your day will undoubtedly be brightened by the lightly bouncing bass and the overwhelming Fleet Foxes-influenced sound of t’ Bibles latest offering. To be fair to them this does go a darn sight beyond just the simple folky offering you might first expect – whether it’s the jazzy nature of the drums, the surprisingly fitting harsher guitar tones or the the way that you’re lulled into the odd false sense of security there’s sure to be something that starts a cheeky smirk off in the corner of your mouth. This is more than just a mild-mannered Stornoway inoffensive time-filler, you’ll feel like there’s been a nice little story played out between your ears and that your heart has reached a level of contentment that you thought was only possible from eating a nice slice of honey-roasted ham.

I don’t quite know who this Abigail West is but right now I’d like to go give her a big old hug and buy her a camomile tea. I think she’d like that. If not, I’ll keep the tea.

Ciarán Steward

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