Electric Eye – Mercury Rise

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 20.08.43As psychedelic spies run rampant throughout the never-before-seen crevices of your brain there’s every chance a great weight will be lifted from your shoulders and your eyelids will slowly shut like one of those blinds that you control with a remote. The deeper you delve into these tiny pockets of wildness and burgeoning creativity, the more you’ll feel like Norwegian psych-bandits Electric Eye are on to something special.

With a fair slice of a certain T. Rex classic stomping all over this feather-light beauty, and a dash of Stones glory thrown in there for good measure, you’ll realise that each tiny lift seems to boost you up higher in your chair and the reliability of the rhythm section ensures that your head doesn’t even start to droop for a second even thought it’s pretty clear you’re in some kind of tantric state. It’s like being Sting but not having people shout ROXANNE at you in the street. This isn’t one of those minor psych-infused sounds at all, this is about as full on as witnessing a meeting between Donald Trump and a right-thinking member of any minority – there’s all sorts of fireworks even though you’re never quite sure exactly what’s going on.

But why make sense? Life’s far more fun if you just let your inhibitions go and experience the world for all its beauties. Say no to drugs, kids.

Ciarán Steward

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