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Premiere: Darla And The Blonde – End Of The Party

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 19.39.13I’m forever going on about how the best things in sound are those that are the least rushed – there’s no point trying to race towards the end of the song when you can spend as long as you like basking in everything that’s magical about it. Darla and the Blonde sound like they think I’m not talking utter nonsense as their latest sounds carry on at a pace that would have a tractor driver doing his nut. However, unlike those road-worthy nuisances this is a journey that’s incredibly enjoyable to go on. Why? I’ll tell you for why…

The calming, steady rhythm section set up a base for the rest of the aural delights that’s as sturdy as quick-setting concrete. Above this power-ridden display of the low end comes a wash of equally grungey guitars before the welcome entrance of a voice that stamps out more authority than the Safety Salamander. This is more than just another one to throw on the pile, there’s something musical-esque about the way this is constructed as it feels like you’re witnessing a narrative being furthered by the second. But it really is the patience of the thing that makes it such an enthralling listen as you’ll find yourself getting picked up early on in the ride and from that moment forward you can relinquish any control for the next few minutes. Chief songwriter Nina Lovelace has an impeccable songwriting ability and the way Jen Demaris delivers each word is ruddy delicious.

If this is the end of the party it must have been a pretty heavy one – sure, the right thing to do would be to get yourself home but in all honesty there’s no denying that you’ll be spending tonight curled up on the sofa because you just can’t bear to leave.

Ciarán Steward

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