The Bulletproof Bomb – Little Miss London

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 20.05.58It all seems to be about streamlining these days – remember when The Fast and The Furious named one of their sequels Fast and Furious? Genius… But sadly the trend seems to have caught on to one of the all-time WCT favourites and it involves some bomb-dropping. So the newly-named Bulletproof have been pretty busy while I was off learning how to adult and they’ve got a ruddy brilliant new EP which has been rattling around in my head so addictively you’d think it was Marble Run (remember Marble Run? Anyone?)

(EDIT: Apparently I’ve been gone for so long they changed the name and then changed it back. Am I going to change any of the words? Like fuck I am, this took me a solid four minutes to write.)

The title track is the beauty I’ve only previously known as ‘the one with the Franz Ferdinand bit’ and sums up a certain type of female who we’ve all come across a couple of dozen times. As the lads are starting to (technically) mature there seems to be a tad more organisation and thought to their ramshackle approach to things and there’s a wonderful balance throughout the new tracks. The effortlessly lively ‘L.I.S.F.B.‘ is a surefire floor-filler while ‘Vapid‘ mixes some surprisingly tender sounds with Joel Douglas showing his London roots proudly, leaving you with lips bitten so thoroughly you’d think the cat needed its claws chopped.

Yet again there’s plenty of angsty guitars on offer and the bassy delight of Tom Butler will satisfy you more than one of those great bit pyramids of profiteroles ever could. They might have a new name but it’s the same old goodness from this bunch and I’d never want them to change.

Ciaran Steward

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