Charlotte Carpenter – Electric

charlotte_carpenter_may16One of the country’s very finest blues-infused talents Charlotte Carpenter has just had another stirringly brilliant track drop over on that proper music review site The Line Of Best FitSo good in fact that it’s got me out of a month-or-so long Netflix binge. (Na, I’ve actually just been off writing horrible stuff like this – warning, not for the faint-hearted)

As seems to be Carpenter’s general modus operandi her music relies on a slow building, heavily repetitive backing to slowly grind its way into the centre of your brain before blossoming out down every last vein, artery and capillary until there’s not a darn thing you can do to resist it. Her unmistakably dry sense of vocal delivery continues to ring true without her ever feeling the need to push too hard to try and make her talents shine through. While there may be endless compliments to be said for her vocal talents this latest offering is yet another chance for you to hear how Carpenter has such a firm grasp of a the blues that you’re sure to think she was white, American male stereotype like those you’d expect to see on an older relative’s vinyl shelf.

There’s never any need to try and over-do things and the simplicity and restraint Carpenter shows with this new beauty show that it’s easy to be confident without crossing the line into self-adoration. This is solid, definite music that knows exactly what it is and has no reason whatsoever to be ashamed of that.

Because it’s unsurprisingly perfect.

Ciaran Steward

Listen to ‘Electric‘ Here.

Catch Charlotte Carpenter in London at The Islington on 8th June.

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