The Lapelles – Grab Life By

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 10.19.14Going out tonight? Here’s a new one for you to stick in your lug-holes as you try and down a few Stellas and chain smoke a few ciggies so that by the time you hit the town you’re already half-cut and just about ready to peak.

The Lapelles have got gigs on the way this month with the almighty Blossoms and mid-’00s indie layabouts The Kooks but really they’ve got enough about them to be packing out sweaty basements with their own name adorning the banners. This will take anyone in their mid-twenties back to that rebellion of being 16/17 and just wanting to flail your arms about as you’re off your tits enjoying every last second of a party before you realise you’ve got that maths test on Monday. There’s nowt particularly new about these sounds but they take in slices of Libertines, Editors and various other ‘The’ bands to bring a new fresh attack at the big ol’ guitar heavy indie back catalogue. They’ve certainly made a strong case with this belter to get their names lined up in whatever music magazine indie kids have their noses firmly buried into these days.

Go on – get out there and grab life by the big, sweaty proverbials.

Ciaran Steward

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