Matthew and Me – Joy

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 20.25.23Imagine the world has suddenly gone into slow motion. No longer are we seeing resignations flash up on our screens every few seconds, it seems to have become an eternity between politicians slinking back to whence they came. Matthew and Me seem to have some kind of time-stopping mechanism, not dissimilar to Bernard’s Watch (AMAZING SHOW, RIGHT?) and they use it to good effect in their latest outing, ‘Joy‘.

This truly is a – yes, I’m going to say it with no regrets – JOY to listen to as it somehow seems to make life feel simpler, more tolerable and full of hope for the times ahead. Who needs your rampaging rock ragers when you can effortlessly slip into a fantasy dream world such as the one these clever dickies create? Effects are used expertly to ensure maximum immersion and to keep you caught up in the moment for so long that that shepherd’s pie you popped in the opening is turning just the wrong side of crispy brown.

So what if the fire brigade get called and you look like a muppet? Take the time out to pause and let ‘Joy‘ sink in as if it were a particularly tasty cocoa butter skin cream. Worry about the house being on fire later.

Ciaran Steward 

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