Flying Ibex – Away From My Mind

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 20.27.31Alright then, time to take a sidestep out of the way of reality and into whatever Flying Ibex have going on down at their far end of the kaleidoscope. Along with that generic indie/rock kind of sound you’re treated to all sorts of augmented sonic reality that comes to the fore – particularly throughout the early parts of this beauty – as if it were some offset of a ’70s glam album. This has Marc Bolan B-side written all over it. You know, if he was a 21st century boy.

A surprisingly delicate lead vocal is joined by a thick-as-a-Mars-bar bass and guitars that seem to tread the line between catwalk ready and muddy field chic as if they were an actor with all the talents of Gary Oldman at their disposal. In a little over three minutes this bunch get you strapped in for a software trip before strapping on the multi-coloured blindfold and taking you through a tunnel which feels like it might have monkeys and bears hiding away down it yet you’d be none the wiser – if it weren’t for that peculiar smell…

What’s so great about this gem is that once you start to strip away some of the fancy freedom you’ll find yourself left with an old school pop/rock track that would so easily have adorned the pages of Melody Maker and the like. That artwork is well worth a special double page pull -out poster as well.

Ciaran Steward

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