Artbreak – My Sweetheart, The Drunk

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 18.03.08Why don’t I have a typewriter? I mean, my world revolves around words and I have all sorts of pointless other tat in my room so why not a typewriter? Turns out Artbreak have one – what do they even need it for anyway? They’re going out to trendy bars and getting drunk with alcoholic lovers – what could a typewriter add to that life?

They’ve also even done a new song which sees them use that voice filter that instantly makes everything seem cooler because it’s coming down a ham radio. Add that to a dash of filth-ridden guitars and a classic indie-pop beat and you’ve got yourself a nice little novella. There’s undoubtedly enough about this little ripper to get that ‘sweet adrenalin’ flowing through your veins which’ll be keeping you up at night with your eyes staring at the ceiling and your toes twiddling away like a crack addict having colder turkey than a Wednesday packed lunch.

If you’re quick you can download this one for free at the moment – even if you’re not a fan it’s definitely worth sticking with it for some BEAUTIFUL bass towards the end which is an absolute delight. Seriously, love that bass like it were a ripe melon.

Ciaran Steward

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