Super Best Friends Club — Humans

screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-07-09-21As I sat here, 7am on a Tuesday morning with more sleep in my eyes than the sandman’s daily dosage, I found myself rudely awakened by some of the liveliest, jazziest sounds you ever did hear. This brand new beauty from Super Best Friends Club is full of more life than Weird Al on steroids and mixes all the energy of The Doors with the smooth swagger of Van Morrison via some kind of We Are Scientists weirdness.

On top of it all comes a vocal which zips around so frantically you can’t help but imagine a somewhat elasticated figure sprawling and frolicking across the stage, even out onto the hands of a burgeoning crowd as – when you move this fast – feet are only just about skimming surfaces. The drums never seem to want to let your heartbeat drop, even as things draw to a close, as you’re treated to something that sounds straight out of the Focus back catalogue. Why would anyone want to bother living life at anything other than 500mph? Raw energy such as this should always remain unbridled and to capture such a pure essence of it as this is an incredibly rare feat for the record.

I can only imagine how insane this would be to see performed live – I damn sure plan on being able to witness it for my very eyes as soon as I can. This is utterly fantastic and one of the most excitable songs you’re ever likely to hear.

Ciaran Steward

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