High Tide 15:47 – And The Bubble Burst

screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-16-05-55Never before have I had an excuse, albeit stupidly tenuous, to write the words longshore drift in a music review. However, this bunch are called High Tide 15:47 and I had too many wasted hours in geography lessons to miss this opportunity. As pointless as it was.

They’re a dab hand at putting some guitar-ridden pop sounds together and the Geordie six-piece have got a rather peculiar sound that fits between a few different areas. At the heart of it all is a classic pop song style offering yet the guitars are particularly spicy, contrasting with the softness of certain vocal parts. You only get less than three minutes to work out what’s going on here and you’re left wanting an awful lot more of this stuff – it’s like the complimentary prawn crackers you get from the Chinese takeaway when you’ve spent more than £20. Musically it’s sound and has a really positive vibe about it, despite certain moments of dissonance. They’ve even been picked up by that NME thing the cool kids read apparently.

You should definitely give this one a listen, I can’t see you having anything but a good feeling afterwards. Besides, there aren’t too many better things to do in just under three minutes – or perhaps I can interest you in some more about our lord and saviour long shore drift…

Ciaran Steward

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