Black Honey – Hello Today

screen-shot-2016-09-23-at-07-02-53Hello, today we’ve got a new one from Black Honey. Yes, everyone’s favourite Bee is back on the Honey wagon. Izzy and her bandmates honies have been working super hard flying round the studio amp to amp collecting only the grooviest rhythms for swaggering guitar pop banger ‘Hello Today‘.

As a band they’ve always embodied a ‘we actually give a shit’ attitude to their lyrics, songs and performances, often supporting Izzy’s brooding songwriting and subsequent delivery. However, here there’s a noticeable shift from a lonesome and reflective ‘I fucking hate you, you’ve broken my heart’ to an arms in the air, tongues out ‘don’t you just hate me, I’ve got heaven in my veins, just fucking look at me’ vibe.

There’s more than a hint of top-lip-snarl, middle-fingers-out attitude oozing from Izzy Bee here – from her superbly executed French phrases to her undeniably sassy “these boots, it’s true, only walk away from you.

Their sound seems to set a contradiction trend of sorts these days – managing to both sound increasingly confident and even a touch polished whilst also many clouds hazier and more fuzzed up. Don’t you just love it. This hyperactive fuzzball got a short run at whipping festivals into a frenzy this year and it’ll be seeing a fair few main stages next year too, that’s for certain.

Black Honey are very much still evolving as a band but it’s an evolution freak train we’re very much riding and loving every second of, if you’re not enjoying it too… stop lying to yourself.

Jake Marley

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