Bryde – Honey

screen-shot-2016-09-25-at-09-44-17Brixton-based artist Bryde is a terrific and totally fresh new musical find, discovered recently due to her Merseyside ties to guitarist/producer Bill Ryder-Jones. Her latest release ‘Honey‘, taken from her new EP in fact features Ryder-Jones on guitar as well production duties up in Liverpool’s Parr Street Studios.

It frankly wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say any record Ryder-Jones works on or has ties to turns to gold. After all his track record is pretty good and boasts artists such as The Wytches, Hooton Tennis Club and Saint Saviour among others. All that said, you could place a pretty safe bet Bryde’s new single would be bloody brilliant.

That of course is the case. Clocking in at just two minutes, it’s a case of pure straight up quality over quantity. Having heard this, give us two minutes of Bryde‘s strident lyricism, bouncy rhythm and killer Ryder-Jones solo’s any time. It’s an emphatic winner and just leaves you wanting more and more.

Having gone back and listened to her previous release following a few plays of Honey (slightly hooked), it’s clear Bryde has taken a grittier, heavier more alt-rock tone to proceedings on the new single, following a more textured, tender pop feel to her previous EP. Although whether that dynamic will hold true to the whole EP only time will tell, you’ve got to hope it does though having been teased you with this belter.

Honey‘ does its job as a lead single however, expertly showcasing Bryde‘s emotive delivery amongst off-kilter buzzing guitars, a thrilling, swirling introduction to an artist you simply have to catch on tour across the UK this autumn.

Jake Marley

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