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Video Premiere: Quiet Quiet Band – In The Body

screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-22-04-40There aren’t many life lessons more valuable than this: when a man with a beautiful moustache is right up in your face you pay attention so hard that you’ll be able to replicate his breathing pattern to your grandchildren decades from now. Perhaps Quiet Quiet Band have heard that gem of advice before, hence their decision for this brand spanking new video.

Mixed in with all sorts of body parts being used as projector screens ‘In The Body‘ sees the band live up to their delicate sounding name while also verging on the shouty, raging attitude that’s inevitably going to get you hooked. A calm, collected performance from behind the drums lays a solid foundation and switches between gentle as a feather to cracking the whip for the others to bound into a frenzy as rapidly as a… well, a cracked whip.

Each crescendo comes more vividly than the last and the visuals are like taking a walk through the Tate Modern after dark. Genuinely enjoyable and interesting.

Also, boobs. Maybe not one for the kids…

Ciaran Steward

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