whenyoung – Actor

screen-shot-2016-11-05-at-20-48-37While I might not fully agree with this disregard for proper punctuation I can’t fault the aural efforts of whenyoung who have more than a touch of the Honeybloods about them. The crashing cymbals, guitars so deep they feel like the underground running below your feet and voices that work in a brilliantly stark contrast to this deep and dark rampage provide some proper alternative goodness for your stereo.

Aoife Power is just ruddy amazing and the trio combine forces expertly to produce something more intense than the feeling you get after shoving 15 mini rolls in your mouth because you didn’t check the expiration date until the last minute. You don’t get too long to enjoy this sensation (or the sugar rush in that oddly familiar scenario) but the band do an expert job of leaving you on tenterhooks begging for more. I also got stupidly excited by the ‘dreaming dreaming‘ hits – they’re ace but for some reason it really got my fingertips tingling.

Maybe it’s the sugar though. Probably not the best idea with a family history of diabetes. Perhaps I should go for a lie-down – come check on me in half hour?

Ciaran Steward

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