PLAZA – Youth

screen-shot-2016-11-05-at-20-55-27If, like me, you’re terrified of those youths hanging out there on street corners, loitering with their boxes of Ribera and packets of Skittles you might be able to get a glimpse into their lives by cracking open this banger from PLAZA. I mean, maybe not – I’m far from a lyrics expert, have you read this rubbish before?

In all fairness, the tune in right on the money and is lip-bitingly good from start to finish as dystopian presents interact with guitar-heavy climaxes in a post-indie bliss that never feels content to settle to be anything other than extremely intoxicating. They’ve already done some shows with Rat Boy and WCT veterans The Bulletproof Bomb so they’re in with the right crowd for this sort of modern clever-dicking. This one is a proper journey that’s got a healthy dose of everything thrown in – it’s basically the aural equivalent of a Flaming Homer Moe.

Nice one gents, you’ve made me feel brave enough to go outdoors. I mean, I still won’t because I’m woefully lazy, but that’s a whole different problem to shoehorn into another ‘review’.

Ciaran Steward

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