Charlotte Carpenter – Fire

screen-shot-2016-11-06-at-10-04-45Musical genius and long-time blues chooser Charlotte Carpenter is back with yet another stunning treat that’s getting me all hot under the collar. That’s probably just because I’ve been sitting on this fire for a few days now, or because I’m dangerously overcompensating for the drop in weather.

As always our extremely talented aural hostess lets her signature voice style rule the roost above a swathe of beautifully grimy guitars, however I’m left feeling woefully short changed as there’s only just over two minutes of sonic goodness here – WHERE’S THE RUDDY REST OF IT??? Still, it’s not about the length of the track but the punch it packs and my word this has more fight to it than Anthony Joshua hyped up on all the TUEs a grown man can consume (that’s right, I have a vague understanding of the news).

Unsurprisingly I’m yet again gushing over Charlotte Carpenter without any sense of aim or direction but honestly she is an absolute leading musical light and you’d have to be a greater fool than me to ignore this stone-cold beaut of a track.

Ciaran Steward

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