Family Friends – Look The Other Way

screen-shot-2016-11-05-at-20-28-38There’s a Furby on the artwork. A Furby. WHAT YEAR IS THIS??? To be fair, I’d be right up for a trip back a couple of decades and it sounds as though Family Friends are already a few steps ahead. That furry little mascot seems pretty age appropriate for their ’90s vibes with a fresh take that keeps them cooler than that penguin I keep hearing when listening to commercial radio adverts.

You’re unlikely to find something much more enjoyable than this in the dying embers of this year as the trembling Mac DeMarco sounding guitar fades into crunchy goodness that’s definitely not good for your teeth. Truth be told, it’s probably just the cracking kit playing that keeps up the happy vibe, or the enticing vocals that may just be a new dominant force on the indie rock stage, or maybe it’s just the whole GOD DAMN THING BECAUSE I’M ENJOYING THIS SO MUCH AND HAVE JUST ORDERED 30 BLEEDING FURBYS ONLINE.

Just get this on because it’s a beautifully crafted piece of work that I’ll be whacking on the speakers first thing every morning to add a spring in my step. And as a reminder why I shouldn’t be allowed to online shop without an appropriate adult present.

Ciaran Steward

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