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Premiere: Cocoa Futures – The Grey

screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-07-23-35Get yourself out of any slump by sticking this latest twinkling diamond from Cocoa Futures on and forgetting the horrendous world that might lay outside your door. While you’re sat safely listening to this beauty it’s surely impossible for anything bad to happen so it might be worth whacking this on repeat, just in case.

With a touch softer than a man made of silk this sparkling pop tune feels so positive that it could make even the grumpiest of cats turn that frown at least 50% of the way around. Packed with a joyous chorus and messages about loving each other this is more than just your average pop slice, there’s something truly wonderfully upbeat about this latest offering from the Scotland-bred and London-based trio who have even said: “Our ethos is pretty simple – to be ambitious about making music we’re proud of. And to have a nice time.”

That’s not a bad attitude to go about making music and it brings more joy into the world than any puppet show I’ve ever seen, The Muppets aside. Sometimes you just need a little bit of happiness in your day and this is definitely a great way of getting it in a three minute dose.

Ciaran Steward

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