AFFAIRS – Life Of Leisure

screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-07-29-25Why on earth would you pour paint on a golden pineapple? I mean, I know I’m here to write about this latest belter from indie experts AFFAIRS but I just can’t ignore the opening shot from their new video. It’s irked me. And also helped me work out what’ll be top of my Christmas list this year.

Once more the band return, led by vocals that still have a wonderfully Morrissey-twinged gilt edge, with a tune that sees them seem to lose themselves in the music. All that most of us want really is a life of leisure and there’s something hidden in this beauty that’s likely to strike more than a handful of chords with listeners. At the heart of it all this is yet another three minute slice of indie-pop, however, each time these Mancunian demons come back into my life there’s a sense they’ve reached even higher ground and found a whole new way to leave me disorientated in a haze of glory.

It’s great to hear AFFAIRS still cranking out top quality singles and the video for this one is just as ace – it’s more worth watching than pretty much anything else you’re going to see today.

Ciaran Steward

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