Seats – Via Miracles

14639688_553955851463670_2693816345738604949_nIf things seem a little fuzzy to you this morning then it might not just be that weird combination of last night’s Brazilian beer and strange-looking coffee roaming around your insides, you could just have Seats in your ears.

The Brighton-based quartet have turned things up a notch with their latest track ‘Via Miracles‘ and it’s far too easy to get lost in the endless waves of fuzz-filled goodness that bombards you more rapidly than ants on dropped ice cream. Throughout the track washes of cymbals, thick as your nan’s homemade jumper guitars and a general haze rule supreme with only the odd guitar riff and vocal cry of ‘let me see‘ breaking through. And there’s something rather charming about that. It feels raw, it feels unpolished, it feels right.

Don’t bother with an espresso on your way to work when you can crank up the volume of your headphones, whack this on and have ten times the caffeine rush even the finest barista could hope to bestow upon you.

Ciaran Steward 

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