Orchards – Honey

screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-07-19-17The glittery sounds of Orchards are a mighty fine way to kick off your day, particularly if you’ve been woken up by a lorry beeping away outside your window at 6.19am on a Wednesday. Fortunately this bunch of Brighton music-makers are plenty more enjoyable to listen to than some Eddie Stobart driver with an anger problem and no sense of awareness that he’s outside a house.

Actually to be totally fair this bunch have done more than enough to perk up my mood with their infectious new sounds which feature all sorts of delightful wavy goodness roaming more freely than even the best cared for chicken. This is intelligent music, made by clearly intelligent people, which doesn’t seek to stick within any boundaries or even try to be too cool. It’s just a phenomenally fun thing to listen to and could pick you right up from even the most miserable of grumps.

With math-rock tinges fitting in alongside some familiar pop stylings this is definitely one picked straight out of that top drawer you thought no-one else knew about.

Ciaran Steward

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