Artbreak – Polaroids In Paris

screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-07-02-54There’s not wrong with a quick day trip to Paris to pick up some fine wine, delicious cheese and a whole heap of other outdated stereotypes. The best way to travel is probably in the company of Brixton-based Artbreak who have taken a classy old Polaroid camera with them – although according to them taking pictures of it while they’re on their trip ‘won’t mean a fucking thing‘. Charming.

Check out the nice, jangly guitar on this one – it’s a bit of a different sound to the band’s usual delivery. One of the other real highlights is the bass in the far-too-brief middle eight due to the fresh timbre and way it commands the track for a few seconds. As you might expect, the music video is predominantly filmed on the other side of the channel which isn’t a bad idea: write a song with a European city in the title, get yourself a nice little weekend away. Genius.

They might ‘all speak French down here‘ (in Paris…) but they should listen to this English rose of a band and see if they can get their teeth right into it.

Ciaran Steward

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