Amy Syed – Lonely Love

screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-21-02-28If you tiptoe over a mattress made of polystyrene you’re more likely to make a dent in it than if you softly place one flat foot after another across the surface, it’s all about distributing the weight. That has literally no relevance here though as it doesn’t help explain quite why Amy Syed‘s new sounds are a gentle touch yet still incredibly piercing.

Oh, I think I just worked out where I was going with that.

There are twinges of Natalie McCool, with a bit less of a rocky edge, and the ability to create such a dreamy aural droplet is something which truly has to be admired. Melodies flow gently and the ‘One of these souls is not like the others‘ refrain is a particular high point of a thoroughly exceptional quality tune. As things descend into an organised, still shimmering chaos you never feel as though the London-based songwriter is anything other than firmly at the helm.

This is a very welcome treat indeed.

Ciaran Steward

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