The Echo Session – Wait and See

screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-07-21-40Did The Kinks get back together or did I just fall asleep in a time machine? Sadly, neither of these ridiculous possibilities have occurred – the second is probably more likely to be honest – but actually I’ve just been listening to the latest sounds of The Echo Session who sound as though they’re stuck in the late ’60s.

The twanging away of guitars, accompanied by a drumming style that ol’ Ringo would be stood in the corner nodding along to appreciatively, bring back memories of halcyon days that any of us using the internet might well be too young to remember. There’s something to be said for the powerful effect of false nostalgia but, rather than criticise it, I’m much happier to bask in these somehow new sonic delights from the Scottish quartet as they feel incredibly pure and easy.

Sometimes you don’t have to be looking forward – if you’re looking backwards and still driving on as well as this then you’ve certainly got something special going on. Either that or you’re fooling me with a complex system of hidden mirrors.

Ciaran Steward

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