Luna Bay – Smoke And Mirrors

screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-07-23-38Magic is a bit of a weird one. What makes someone decide they’re going to spend their life trying to learn how to bamboozle and astound crowds by ultimately conning them with sleight of hand and downright wickedness? Come to think of it, why does anyone do anything? I’m just pleased that Luna Bay bothered to go out there and make such pleasant sounds that roll through the ears as easily as a stress ball trundles along the floors of the House of Commons after PMQs.

With pop sensibilities at its heart and a sense of desire for rocking out there’s a coherence to the band’s newest release that culminates in an almighty climax as the reigns are ripped away as if they were mere paper strings, allowing the guitars to roam wildly and the rhythm section to enter a world of downright lunacy that provides volume, energy and lip-bitingly good times.

There’s great power in these here sounds and, if they combine it with great responsibility, these gents could be blasting out of your very radio in the not too distant future.

Ciaran Steward

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