Team Picture – Potpourri Headache

screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-13-51-36We’ve all had a potpourri headache at least once in our lives: that first time we encounter the sweet-smelling treat at a fancy dinner party while wearing our finest suit and with hair slicked back nice, only to rapidly discover it’s not an ‘adult version of Pringles’ and that ‘I can’t be with you any more because you’re not mature enough’.

Right? Or is that just m… Nevermind.

This feels much nicer than the last time though as Leeds-based wizards Team Picture are easing me through the brain pain with a dreamy portion of something much tastier than a bunch of what I now believe may just be dried old leaves. Tender breaks leave moments of pausing and reflection while a steady, restrained rhythm section create a filter of almost kaleidoscopic style in your brain. This is a real escape from reality and the slowing down of the pace could get your heart moving so rarely that you might need to get some caffeine down you ASAP.

What a beautiful little adventure this is, and I didn’t even need to put on a suit. A win all round.

Ciaran Steward

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