Attu – Staying Together

screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-14-01-31With a name that sounds like a child’s sneeze, North Londoner Stefan Antoinette uses his Attu moniker to deliver a brand of dreamy-as-you-like pop that’ll have you flailing your arms around blindly yet with a sense of true love and affinity for mother Earth. Or that might just be the mix of tequila and sambucca that you’ve just gorged on.

For this project Mr Antoinette (seriously, what a cool surname that I sincerely hope is real) is joined by four other incredibly talented musicians who join him to create a soundscape that’s as pleasing on the ear as a massage from a pair of tiny, furry hands that you already had in your schedule so doesn’t come as a surprise. At the heart of it all this could just be yet another pop song but it feels full with a certain life and character that so many others fail to remotely come into contact with. This feels very personal, an intimate moment shared through the beauty of song. And what beauty it is.

So rather than just saying ‘bless you’ to yourself, and giggling away while sat at home, alone in your pants because you’ve got the day of work, get your teeth into this corker and feel aaaaaalright.

Ciaran Steward

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