Broken Hands – Four

screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-14-11-33Have you ever had this feeling? Go on, tell me. I’ll keep it secret. Fine, maybe you’ll open up to Broken Hands when they start asking you the same question instead. Although I don’t see how their way is any different, aside from the insanely killer lead riff, PROPER frontman style lead vocals and drums that pound away more mercilessly than the UK’s tax system on my bank account.

Aside from that it’s pretty much exactly the same, right?

Alright, so the rocking five piece might have plenty of things that I don’t – like a combined 10 legs – and they may use samples brilliantly to combine with one of the most spine-tinglingly powerful Royal Blood-esque leading riffs that you’ll hear all year but, still, I though we were cool. No? What do you mean they’ve also got a phenomenal music video?

So maybe in the cool stakes they’ve got us pinned down too, in truth this lot are onto a winner all round so I might as well give up trying to compete with them now.

Ciaran Steward

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