Luke De-Sciscio – Gossamer Rose

screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-14-28-32It’s time to lower the lights, crack out a big box of Maltesers and cuddle up to those closest to you because things are bordering on the unimaginably emotional as I’ve accidentally put the brilliant new album from Luke De-Sciscio on the stereo and the remote is too far away for me to switch it off and avoid the inevitable soul-searching that such a heart-wrenching album brings with it.

Opening track ‘To Carry You‘ kicks things off by bringing back memories of tears such as the end of Scrubs or being 10p short for that Lemsip you desperately need. Those feelings won’t let up though as swiftly replacing it is the blossoming of ‘Lover After‘ which adds more of a Fleet Foxes-esque folk lilt into the room. As the tracks continue to hit hard in rapid succession you find yourself almost hoping for some kind of light relief yet you’re well aware that the best thing to do at a time like this is to get all of your emotions out at once and surrender to the onslaught of truly magical sounds that surround you. Another constant, along with the sounds that’ll keep Kleenex in business for some time to come, is the guitar mastery shown throughout. While some tracks bloom courtesy of the intricate plucking of strings at speed, others benefit hugely from the relaxed, thoughtful style of Mr De-Sciscio’s playing – none more so than the intoxicating ‘Vivid Love‘.

If you don’t mind letting your emotions show once in a while, or if you just need some time to contemplate the road ahead, then Gossamer Rose is surely the answer. There’s barely even the hint of a sound being out of place in this wonderfully constructed album that tells a lifetime of stories.

Ciaran Steward

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