Asylums – Alternative Occupations

screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-18-15-30Time to check in with the excellent Asylums yet again as their latest sounds are undoubtedly on par with their very best. Not exactly that brand new that it doesn’t need a little tree to hang off the mirror, ‘Alternative Occupations‘ sees the band go full pelt once more and match the aural goods with a cracking video.

That throttle is blasted way up to the max from the opening split-second and, unsurprisingly if you’ve ever encountered the band before, Jazz Miell’s blazing guitar riffs begin right from the get-go and do an outstanding job of keeping you locked in so tightly you’ll be leaving finger marks in your desk even if it isn’t a cheap IKEA one. This one has also got one of the best choruses the band have written in ages and has that infectious freedom about it that shows they’re clearly enjoying their music so much that they’re devoting themselves endlessly to it. As always Luke Branch’s voice speaks as though it is the leader of his generation, spitting out words that countless thousands of listeners across the country identify with better than their own names.

This is definitely Asylums at their very best and it’s fantastic to see the band continuing to go from strength to strength.

Ciaran Steward

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