Bec Sandridge – In The Fog

img_20161208_050803The wheels were set in motion last year for Bec Sandridge‘s new EP In The Fog with single ‘In The Fog, In The Flame‘. A year on, the results are akin to our wildest dreams – and hers too.

This EP sees a total direction change for an artist keen to experiment and have fun, whilst remaining entirely in control and invested lyrically. The shackles are off and what Bec Sandridge has come up with is truly wonderful.

Spanning five tracks – ranging from the aforementioned lead single to latest release, the irresistible ‘High Tide‘ – In The Fog ditches acoustic guitars for synths and electrics, in a move very much similar to Nina Nesbitt of late. It’s extravagant, beautifully layered disco-pop with a joyous glossy coat on.

The newest single has a distinct guitar/synth swagger very much reminiscent of St. Vincent, a true woozy, winding weave. The pinnacle, however, is arguably the Marina & the Diamonds-esque, synth-pop anthem ‘You’re A Fucking Joke‘ – a playful injection of experimental wizardry.

You fall weirdly in love with its ’80s inspired piano stomp, teamed with neatly structured beats, interlocked wonderfully with sweeping synths and Sandridge’s blunt vocal directness. Each wave of vocal describing her frustrations with weak minded lovers messing her and friends around back in Glasgow, dangling the golden ticket of romance and then changing their minds – “don’t let the fuckers in” she implores, educating her mind.

Not to discard what’s come before, everything an artist produces describes where they’re at both mentally and musically at any given time and Sandridge has clearly carried over undertones and specks from her previous projects and debut EP. For example, the minimal synth drone of old track ‘Stones‘ could well have inspired her to go someway down the path of sound she’s currently on.

Musical progression is a beautiful thing and Bec Sandridge appears to have found her feet and arguably her sound. Experimental disco-pop is certainly her fortè and this EP is a gem, I do hope she’ll come and see us in the UK soon as this will be damn good live for now though I’m as I’m sure you’ll be too, rather content with repeating this record for a few months longer first.

Jake Marley

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