Ash Lad – Riddles

13767298_157409154684521_581267002491846166_oThough the video may betray our current ruddy cold season the sounds of Ash Lad‘s debut track ‘Riddles‘ are the sort of thing that flow so freely and easily you can enjoy them any day of the year.

With a washy vocal sat atop a combination of fluttering piano lines and precise synth sounds this feels perhaps a slightly strange mishmash of sounds yet everything comes together as easily as a four-piece jigsaw. In some ways this tune feels as though it doesn’t work but hidden within it is a charm and charisma that helps bind the sounds together and make the end result something that, while slightly scatty, feels coherent and decimated to a point. Particularly as the track draws towards a close and we get that ever-popular built up chorus to push things to their natural conclusion, this feels like a very genuine, honest track that leaves everything out in the open and can be enjoyed by those of all ages.

That’s even better than most board games really, none of this ‘8 to 80’ nonsense. I’m fed up of seeing my nan having to sit in the corner at Christmas while the rest of us have fun…

Ciaran Steward

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