Jaakko Aukusti – Moon Tower

screen-shot-2016-12-22-at-11-49-22Oh sweet Scandinavia, how I envy you. With plenty of other positives you’d at least hope that we’d have them like fish in a barrel when it comes to making music BUT NO, yet again there’s another absolute stormer coming down from the great north and Jaakko Aukusti joins a far too long list of talented Fins who know how to make a very special brand of pop.

This electronic beaut has a pulsating beat swaying away behind a wealth of electronic delights and a voice that sounds like the sort of person you’d love to be friends with and go out [insert moderately offensive reference about something stereotypically Finnish]. What a true joy this one is to behold – delicate in places while in others it fills a room with so much life and joy that you’ll be unable to keep still and when your flatmate comes in and stares at you looking like an utter tit on your day off with headphones on you don’t even mind too much because you’re having such a lovely time.

Honestly, this is a right mood-lifter and shows a very talented man making music that’s so easily accessible you’d force it upon all your friends to make sure they don’t miss out. Sorry in advance…

Ciaran Steward

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